Over the last 5 years, I’ve received literally 1000s of requests for “coaching” (mentoring, teaching, consultancy – whatever you want to call it) from random people on the internet.

My poor LinkedIn inbox never gets a break.

Every now and then these requests have turned into interesting opportunities: from consulting at Facebook’s tech accelerator, mentoring future founders at Kickstart London, to private jetting out to Dubai to help a kid pass his GRE.

Nothing makes me smile more than helping someone else crush an impossible goal or surmount an insurmountable problem.

Why? Because I’ve had coaches my whole life – so I know first-hand the massive impact I’m making.

I’ve had a therapist since 19 who coached me from the brink of suicide to happy-go-lucky; a personal trainer who helped me lose 30kg in <6 months and finally get six pack abs; a shaman who took me from fearful and anxious to peace and love; business mentors who got me from unemployed grad to Forbes 30 under 30 entrepreneur; teachers who coached me from high-school drop-out to Cambridge offer-holder; a polyglot who blew my mind and got me fluent in Spanish in just a few months; a salsa guru who had me spinning señoritas in only 2 weeks – the list goes on…it actually goes on for while!

Every problem or goal I’ve ever had, I’ve found someone who’s crushed that same goal or problem into tiny little glass shards and was willing/able to teach me to do the same.

My only regret is waiting so long to get help. It’s hard not to think about where I’d be now if I’d started earlier: if I’d gotten into shape at 18 instead of struggling for years; if I’d fixed my depression when it first arose instead of letting it eat away at my soul; if I’d learnt about MVPs and product-market fit when I started my first business.

That’s why, nowadays, any new project I take on, the first thing I do is find a coach who’s already done what I want to do, totally crushed it, and knows the systems & shortcuts that actually work.

That’s also why I’m now offering a limited number of high-impact coaching spots to people who are serious about living an extraordinary life – whatever that means to you – and believe I can help.

So if you’ve got a big goal that you want to achieve but have no idea where to start or you’re now lost in the middle of it…apply below and I’ll see if I can help.