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You can apply below for the Start Your Business service. 

In a nutshell: I get messages everyday asking me how to start a business; I take time to reply as best I can and then inevitably the wannabe entrepreneur just does nothing.

When I follow up, they say they haven’t had the time or got lost in the process.

Which sucks for them. And pisses me off having given up valuable time to help them.

Same thing happened with my brother. At the time he was working at B&Q, in the lightbulb section, and wanted a way out.

So he asked me how to start a videography business.

But I knew that whatever I say, he wouldn’t follow through.

It’s just too much if you don’t have any prior experience: the website, the branding, the strategy etc.

So I just started it for him – there and then, on the spot. In 4 hours he had his business up and running, registered, beautiful webpage and clear client acquisition strategy.

3 years on and my high-school dropout brother is crushing it, as are many other startups I’ve helped:

“3 years ago I was working on minimum wage at B&Q after dropping out of school with two U grades. Andrew told me to quit and follow my passion – videography. Over the next 3 years he showed me step-by-step how to turn this passion into a successful videography and social media business, now working with JD Sports & Red Bull on 6-figure contracts. It’s just crazy to think where I started. Andrew completely changed my life.”Anthony Mitson, CEO, Videlle
“In January we had the idea to start an app for tutors. We were introduced to Andrew and 2 months later we were in the app store with 30+ users and a contract from the UK’s leading tutoring agency. We smashed our most recent pitching event, receiving 4 offers of potential investment, and were told by investors ours was the best pitch of the event! This would not at all have been possible without Andrew’s help. Thank you so much!”Julie Sola & Josh Ramkissoon, Founders, EasyTutorApp

I no longer answer the question “How do I start a business?” when people ask.

If they’re serious, I offer to just start it for them. They get access to my expertise and my team of video producers and web & graphic designers. And in less than a week, the company is operational and ready to make sales.

No procrastination. No excuses. We give you the push you need to get started. Then you keep the ball rolling until you’ve built your dream business.

We charge a one-off fixed fee to cover all costs but the business is 100% yours forever onwards.

If you’ve been telling yourself you’re going to start a business but still haven’t taken action, perhaps you just need a push…you can apply below.

[Please note: I only take on cases where I know I can really make an impact]