Hi, I’m Andrew.
Co-Founder at UniRise / Forbes 30 Under 30

I want to live an extraordinary life
I’m not sure what that means yet, but on a mission to find out

This site will document my mission: the good, the bad and the crazy in between✌🏾

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About Andrew.

A quick summary so far…
😅 Started my first company at 16 (it failed)
🤓 Self-studied my A Levels, won the Harvard Prize
🎓 Got into Cambridge & LSE
🌭 Cooked dinner for Boris Johnson
🤑 Cofounded a £10m+ edtech AI company
🚀 Cofounded UK’s largest student accelerator
💪 Lost 30kg and got a six-pack in 6 months
🏔 Graduated top of my university
🔬 Taught Behavioural Econ at LSE
🔮 Met the Creator of the Universe
🇪🇸 Learnt Spanish in 3 months
🤤 Fasted (no food) for 7 days
Currently working on…
✍️ Writer at Steroids For Your Brain
🎙 Cohost of the HP4LP podcast
🏫 Building the Polymatic university
🎬 Building successful online courses for big brands
🇫🇷 Learning French, on way to 7 languages
🎹 Learning the piano & music production
🦄 Learning animation & cartooning
📚 Reading every religious text (Quaran to Kojiki)
🌎 Travelling to 100+ countries
😈 Testing every psychedelic/spiritual experience
🥊 Training BJJ and chess-boxing
🇺🇸🇨🇳 Studying in California + Beijing

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